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We all acknowledge that firearm enthusiasts’ require a well-performing firearm. You’ve probably wanted to head out to shooting practice with your friend or planned to bring your dog along on a hunting trip. Your firearm’s frequent usage requires proper maintenance for it to function correctly when you need it.

The most effective way to clean your firearm is by using solvent traps. These are firearm cleaning systems that are purposed to capture solvent and dispose of them effectively. The entire kit consists of different parts, including the solvent trap end caps, which serve the role of trapping the byproducts during the cleaning process.


There are different ways in which solvent traps differ, and the type and size of your firearm might be a massive contributor to that. There are things that you should consider when purchasing an ideal solvent trap for your firearm;

1. The diameter of the trap – Affected by the diameter of the bullet exit hole. You have to consider the inner diameter to fit the firearm hole and the outer diameter to fit your firearm.

2. Thread mount – Diameter fittings on the solvent traps that inter-joins it to the firearm.

3. Style of the solvent trap end caps – Design differs in different cleaning kits.

4. Material – Stainless steel and aluminum traps are the common types of kits available.

5. Type of cells

Considering the product 9″ Aluminum 7075 Solvent Trap with 8 D Cell Stainless Steel K Cups – Includes Both Thread Mounts, each of the considerations fare clearly stated. It has eight stainless steel cups, and the mount measurements are 5/8 x 24″ and ½ x 28″, an inner diameter of 1.375” and an outer diameter of 1.75”.

Benefits of Choosing Armory Den

Some of the benefits that you will enjoy while shopping at include;

i. Free and fast delivery usually around 4-7 days

ii. We offer 100% secured and confidentiality.

iii. Our products are 100% guaranteed.

iv. We offer discounts on some products.

v. A user manual for every purchased product.


Why You Should Clean Your Firearm

You might want to know why you should get a solvent trap kit to clean your firearm altogether. Machines, or our bodies, at some point, need to sit back and recoup the energy we’ve lost or machines need servicing. Similarly, firearms need some maintenance time and again for several reasons;

• Being familiar with it – Opening up and assembling a firearm helps you learn more about the parts and how it functions.

Preventing malfunctions – If any solvents happen to overload the firearm, it will begin to malfunction, which is risky for the user and people around him/her.

For safety – An essential thing considered when using a firearm is safety, and solvent trap kits ensure that you meet that by ejecting all the solvent.

Misinformation – The internet is filled with a lot of false information, and until you find out for yourself while cleaning your firearm, it is unwise to take their word.

• Durability – Frequent maintenance of a firearm ensures that it lasts long.

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