Three Types of Vans for your next travel.

There so many models and makes of vans that sometimes it becomes daunting to choose which one is the best or one that suits your need. These vans serve different purposes, and some people would prefer to rent vans with a much-carrying space, one that can carry more passengers, and more. The following are the different types of vans for your consideration. 

 Cargo Vans. 

Many companies use these types of Luton Van hire to distribute their products, more so, in urban centers. They are made and decorated differently from other types of vans. However, the most substantial fact of cargo vans is that they are economical in fuel consumptions. Another benefit is that they are enclosed, something that helps keep transported goods safe. The enclosed feature also ensures that users don’t have to unload their packages at the end of the day as they can lock the products in the van. Understandably, cargo vans are suitable for transporting commodities safe and sound regardless of the weather. Therefore, you can carry with them electronic devices without having to worry about damages caused by rain. 

Box Vans. 

Just as the name suggests, Box vans have a box or cube shape load area differentiated from the cab. Box vans are suitable for couriers and home removal companies because of its separate load area. They have a user friendly shape with well-defined wall facets. Therefore erecting shelves and loading tracks in the van becomes easy. Another feature of box vans is that they have a higher height from the ground compared to a panel van. 

The feature makes it suitable for loading and offloading heaver items. When it comes to door configurations, box vans provide much room for their customizations. Therefore you can customize the doors to suit your purpose as opposed to panel vans. Another feature of a box van is it has a rear step. The final step in most cases is usually fixed and provides safety when one is loading and unloading a vehicle. 

Crew Van.

The SWB Van Hire mentioned above is perfect for those looking to carry extra passengers. In most cases, you will find this type of van having three seats in the front and three or four behind. However, the presence of the latter places comes with a con of loss of load space compared to other types of vans. However, an advantage with the crew vans is that they have two side windows in the second row of seats. It is important to note that the second pair of seating in crew van can be removed to make it similar to a cargo van.

In conclusion, when you are out there in the market to hire any van, it is essential to consider your needs, costs, and more. You will have the options of either choosing a passenger, cargo van, or crew vans. Other types of vans for your consideration include electric vans, car-driven vans; pick up vans, 4*4 vans, and more. 

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