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Due to the increase in the number of online craft fairs and sales, jewelry sets have been in high demand. Every year, interesting pieces hit the market. Jewelry resellers who are masters of creating integrated payment systems can earn thousands a week. To do that, you need multi-channels for your jewelry products. Selling jewelry products via multiple online channels may seem difficult at first. But, the profits that follow after you integrate your online jewelry sale channels definitely make all the hard work worth it.

Which Pieces Sell the Best?

The best part about selling jewelry products online is that there’s always variety in the catalogs and diversity in the market place. Different types of jewelry pieces perform varyingly depending on the time of the season. However, in terms of total jewelry pieces sold, earrings perform the best. Along with earrings, bracelets, and custom necklaces, perform great throughout the year. The reason behind the demand for these jewelry pieces? They’re small, don’t cost a lot, and are easily shippable. For resellers, there’s a chance to make twice your investment as they can easily mark up the selling prices of their smaller jewelry pieces by 50-60%

Encouraging Signs for the Online Jewelry Market 

The online jewelry industry has already crossed the $3m mark in the USA. Merge this market with the highly lucrative online accessories market, and you have yourself a top-quality business. Of course, the success of your ventures will depend on how reliable your jewelry wholesaler is. Typically, the online retail sellers who team with top-quality wholesalers experience a 10% growth in revenue every year. Overall, jewelry pieces are the perfect e-commerce products. Sellers can have a large catalog of lightweight jewelry items. They can also offer additional perks to their clients, such as customization options, free deliveries, etc.

Getting Started?

Admittedly, the jewelry reselling business can get a little complex. Managing e-commerce strategies, commercial plans, multiple offers, and online tools can be challenging. To make sure your start as a jewelry reseller is not shaky, research the top performers/sellers in your market space. How seamless is their web design? How efficient is their webstore’s cart functionality? Don’t prepare to simply enter the industry – prepare to lead it. Multiple reports say that customer journeys and experiences on e-commerce websites are far more efficient at brand building than marketing schemes. So, invest in a top-quality catalog and optimize your customer experience strategy!


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