Aquamarine Rings – Checking Out The Cost Based On Colors

If you are planning to propose to your girl, it is time to get the best engagement ring for your partner. There are so many options available, but it is time to go a bit off the track and look for something different apart from the basic diamond ring. Well, Aquamarine Rings are perfect for that special day and will dazzle her finger like nothing else. It is one alternative engagement stone, which is known for its amazing green and bluish color. There are some lighter varieties of this stone available as well, which some can mistake it for diamonds. So, you can get one for your partner and make her happy.

The scale rating and more:

In Mohs’ Scale, the rating of this stone will be at 7.5 out of 8. So, it means extreme wear and can show some scratching signs over time. But, if you want a solid piece of gem with a perfect color option, then it is hard to beat the beauty of this baby right here. Now, the costing of this ring can be anywhere between $150 and $200 per carat basis. It depends on the carat of the stone, along with the size of the gem, and the placement metal. If you are placing this stone on pure platinum, then the cost will be within a larger scale.

The cost-effective option:

If you are looking for such aquamarine stone, which is towards the lower cost, then you might want to go for the unheated light blue one. It will cost you around $90 per carat. The expensive one among the lot got to be the light blue, green stone, which will cost you anywhere from $180 to $240 per carat. So, make sure to pre-set a budget plan before you head for the best rings in here.

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