Want to manage an active directory? Points to consider!!!

Active Directory is a specialized directory service by Microsoft, mainly for Windows and domain networks. It is there in almost all the operating systems of Windows Server as a set of services and processes. The server that runs the Active Directory domain service role is known as a domain controller. If you want to have accountability in the system, then every administrator should have their admin account. In case someone is already performing the malicious activities on your network, you will be able to identify him with ease.

Nothing is better than documentation that is considered as key to success as a network administrator. It is considered the key to success. Make sure that you are tracking the important activities that you are performing as an administrator. It isn’t a rewarding or exciting part of the job. In the forthcoming paragraphs, we are going to discuss important information about the active Directory.

  • Proper physical security

Nowadays, a lot of emphases are already placing on cybersecurity. In case someone is making access to servers physically, then they will able to produce great damage. An intruder will able to remove the processors, destroy items and drives.

  • Service accounts

The majority of the folks are already facing a lot of problems while changing passwords of the account. Account control is one of the most important services on the devices and servers. There are many things out there that will surely be able to minimize the risk of attack. There are a lot of organizations out there that depend on the active Directory.

  • Auditing of event

If you are configuring auditing for the computer n the network, then there are a lot of options from which one should choose the best one. When you are making the use of these tools, then you will able to target the specific activities.

  • Backup

If you are already performing a complete backup of the server, you will create a backup of a lot of things like SYSVOL data, registry, system files, and others. Just in case you face the domain controller failure, you will be able to restore these important elements with ease.  Active directory user import is important that will help you in analyzing lots of things.

  • Disable guest accounts

If you have guest accounts on the domain controllers, then many problems will automatically rise. Make sure that you are making the use of the default administrator account at have been publicized. If you want to protect the network from dangerous activities, then you should make the use of active Directory.

  • How many administrators do you have?

Controlling the main access to the administration is considered one of the most important tips. If you are already giving access to a lot of people, then it will lead to disasters.

Moving Further, make sure that every administrator is properly trained and will surely understand the importance of the position. An administrator must have a particular separate account from a normal day-to-day account.

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