The Basic of Using Torrentz – Easy Downloads in Seconds

Countless internet users use torrent websites to download all types of files. The website does not itself store any files. It is merely a meta engine platform that syndicates the results of the numerous search engines on the internet. The users get to access a neatly put together list of downloadable links. Torrentz 2 looks up rare torrents. Compared to other portals, it is the most efficient at indexing a wide variety of downloadable links. Yet, the home page of Torrentz 2 is very easy to use, containing only a few sets of features. Users don’t need to possess A-grade computer skills to use Torrentz 2. A website called Torrentz z tried to incorporate complex features, but it failed. The simplicity of Torrentz 2 makes it stand out.

How to Use Torrentz 2

On the home page of Torrentz 2, there is a search bar. Type in the file name you want to find and download. One advertisement may pop up, but you can avoid them by using an adblocker. Long pages of file links will turn up. Avoid ‘sponsored’ results. The file with the most ‘seeds’ or downloads will refer you to other addresses. These web addresses are completely anti-virus. Click on one of them. Start the download. Download a Torrent Client to ‘host’ these files.

Finding the Best Files

Right beside the file names, you will see two columns – “Leechers” and “Seeders.” The value of the “Leecher” category depends on the number of users who are downloading/uploading the file at that time. “Seeders” represent the total number of people who have downloaded the file and are preserving it in their Torrent Client. If there are more Seeders than Leechers, the file will download faster. Make sure to use a VPN when ‘torrenting’ to protect your internet identity!

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