Moving The Spam Folder

Have you ever experienced sending emails to the other party and had made a detour to a spam folder? Please don’t blame your computer for the same. At times it becomes very frustrating as you might have sent an important mail that has to be delivered, but then this makes a detour to the spam folder. The spam can spam you at such moments. Now, let us discuss the reasons behind the problem. And maybe it can be helpful in the future for the deliverability issues.

Email spam is a major problem that is faced by many and, that’s the reason for combating spam. One can easily get annoyed if the process of filtering the emails has to be done manually. But if you make mistakes, your emails may get the combat spam. Below will see the reasons for your emails landing in the spam folder.

  1. Without proper authentication

The major cause for email spam is having no email authentication. Let us take the example of the phone 

  • If the name is saved on your phone, you will attend the call immediately.
  • If it is an unknown number then you mostly ignore the calls assuming it as any random robocall.

The same goes on with the email too. Technological up-gradation has brought many solutions to various problems. In the same way, you can make use of the technology and authenticate your emails and make them appealing. The reader must find you trustworthy. Do not be random and own your worth by controlling the domain name, from which you send your emails.

If you hold any custom email id, then you better have an authentication. As not having authentication leads your email to land itself in the spam folder.

  1. The inaccuracy or missing bits in the sender information

In addition to the lack of authentication, if there is inaccuracy in the information provided by the sender then it can also cause spam issues.

  • Inaccurate details – from/ reply

Make sure the email address is authenticated from which you are sending and also matches with the sender. 

  • Lack of physical address

The presence of physical addresses is required for your bulk emails. And it is the major reason for the presence of a physical address at the bottom of every marketing email.

  1. Using words and punctuation that might trigger the spam

There are a few words and punctuation that might lead your email straight to the spam folder. There are spammy words, like ‘meet singles’ and many more, which can attract your attention. And sometimes this might not be enough to land in a spam folder, but when combining the things in the list, the email may move to the spam folder.

Few other spammy lists

  • Capital letter
  • Use of emojis more than required
  • Number of exclamations

In the same way, poor quality of writing with grammar and spelling mistakes can trigger spam.

  • Using a bad email list

In case you have subscribers, then you must keep in mind the following

  • No permission- if there is no permission provided, then the email will directly hit the spam folder
  • Stale list- If the email contains inactive email accounts or is disabled then, there is a high possibility of the email bouncing, and that looks spammy.
  • Low in engagement- If your emails have a low or equal to zero engagement rate, then you can understand that the subscribers need no more emails from you and this might increase the chance of hitting the spam mark.

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