Implementing 4G Technology for Organization Development

The corporate work culture has changed a lot over the couple of years. With the growing competition in the market it has now become essential to incorporate various advanced technology for proper growth and development of the organization. Collecting valuable resources for a strong networking system plays an important role in such cases which would help in better and faster performance.

This is possible with the introduction of the forth generation wireless communication system know as the 4G network. It is a step ahead to the basic networking technology. It has the potential to provide better internet protocol system with higher security and faster data transmission thus providing higher quality service. It can also be implemented in the mobile technology which reduce the malfunctions in transmission. Mainly there are two separate type of 4G wireless network

Type of 4G Wireless Network

1. Long term evolution or LTE and
2. World wide Interoperability for Microwave Access or WiMAX

Features of 4G wireless technology

1. To enable large number of wireless- enabled devices it has 4G, IPv6 support
2. It has developed assess schemes
3. It has advanced antenna system
4. It uses SDR or software -defined Radio
5. It uses WiMax or LTE and other packet base data transmission systems

Advantages of 4G mobile technology

1. Better reception and transmission of data, at least 100 Mbit/s
2. It has secured IP based solutions such as – ultra – broadband internet access, gaming services, streamed multimedia, IP telephony etc
3. It has flexible channel bandwidth which varies from 5 – 20 MHz up to 40 MHz
4. It has smooth hand off over heterogeneous networks
5. It has femtocell which has the capacity for better coverage

The special type of antennas used in this process popularly known as Spacial multiplexing makes this technology efficient for multitasking by performing various functions simultaneously. This accelerates the data exchange rate. The global communication network used by different organization will gain stability and security by applying 4G technology in different aspects of their day to day activity. This will help them to understand the market scenario in a better way to utilize the right opportunity at the right time.

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