How to Hire a Bathroom Fitter in Harrow

Picking the right candidate to renovate your bathroom is stressful, not only in terms of being expensive but also due to availability. However, bathroom fittings can be troublesome. Therefore you need to hire a specialist for your bathroom project. Hiring a professional and qualified bathroom fitter in Harrow needs extensive research, and considering important factors. Reliable and trustworthy bathroom fitters can make your bathroom beautiful and gorgeous. 

So, you see they can create a huge difference at affordable pricing. Not only this, they can perform the job in a much better and effective way. 


Before interviewing for your bathroom project, you need to take the recommendations of your friends and family members. Even better, if you can get in touch with previous customers and discuss your project. Ask them about their experience with the bathroom fitter in Harrow you are interested to hire. If you fail to visit such customers, you can go for online reviews, but you should not only rely on online recommendations. You can visit your local building association for qualified experts from the industry. The ultimate aim is to hire a professional who has decades of experience in the industry along with the requisite skills. 

Check the Proficiency of the Professional

When you have shortlisted few candidates to work on your project, it is better to check the proficiency of the person. Ask them few important questions, like whether they work independently or not? Or, do they have any sub-contractors under them? If some problems happen during the project or after the project, they should blame each other for the mishap. Make sure to avoid all these kinds of issues during the project. Moreover, you should check that whether the bathroom fitter in Harrow can meet your project requirements within the given deadline or not. 

Ask for Written Quotes

You need to request quotes from at least 4-5 different bathroom fitters in Harrow during the selection process. This will ensure that you can pick the right candidate with better service and also cost-effective. Check for yourself if they are providing you with written quotes or not. Written quotes will help to settle disputes in the future. Additionally, written quotes also help you to understand the various intricacies of the estimates. Ask them whether they are including any hidden quotes in the quotes or not. You also need to check the total cost, labor cost, material cost, transportation, delivery, and any other additional costs mentioned in the quotes. Make sure to understand everything before handing over the project in their hands and signing contract papers. 

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