The everyday chore of going to the kitchen and preparing your meal becomes a bit boring. How about a change in the mundane routine? If you do not like to order from the regular restaurants, then you can try out different ways of cooking the same beef that you buy from the online shop. Most of the online portals offer you a varied choice of meat. You will have to order as per your taste and wish. Now, every seller has their style of packaging and have distinctive ways of breeding the cows. If you don’t know the right way to cook, then the meat will not taste as good as you expect. So the online sellers now provide you with the tips to make the preparations better.

Cooking the sausages

The sausages must be a regular item on your table during breakfast. But just frying or grilling them in the usual way does not always make it tasty. When you start to grill the sausages, you should puncture each sausage with a toothpick at several points. The grill will be better if you can move the pieces around for at least once when you first place it on the grill. There will be no chance of the pieces sticking to each other. Repeat this turning after every two to three minutes.

Cooking the Midwestern boneless short ribs

When you purchase the Midwestern boneless short ribs from the online stores like you will see that the cooking time depends mostly on the thickness of the piece. Braising is the best way to enjoy these short ribs. It might be a little time consuming, but the result on your plate is worth the time. After searing both sides, transfer it to a pot with a lid that is full of beef stock and red wine in small quantities. Cook at low heat and thicken the liquid at the end to get an equally delicious sauce.

Cook short ribs on the grill

Yes, that is totally against the traditional methods. Don’t expect the tender filets of the meat. The level of tenderness will be a little low, but the level of flavor will be more than fantastic. What you have to do is to reduce the heat of the grill more than half of what you actually set. The cooking will be slow, and the meat will be chewy.

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