Can a Sterling Silver Amethyst Ring Help Your Mental Health?

Given that the mainstream medical industry has badly failed people with mental issues, it’s no surprise that people are turning to alternative healing methods. Gemstones have always played a part in ancient healing practices. From the Egyptians to the Greeks – most civilizations in human history have used gemstones to symbolize good health, both mental and physical. Ancient Egyptians first used the Amethyst stone as precious jewelry items. The antiquated Greeks took the use of this stone a step further. Since then, the Amethyst stone has been associated with healing properties. Can an Amethyst ring help people? Let’s explore –

The Intriguing Written History of the Amethyst Stone

The ancient Greek word ‘amethystos’ roughly translates to “not drunk/inebriated.” It’s the root of the word ‘Amethyst.’ The ancient Greeks believed that the Amethyst stone could protect them from becoming an addict. They used the stone to keep their minds calm and avoid overflows of emotions in intense situations. In Christian eras, Amethyst was recognized as a gemstone that brings good fortune to people. Concepts like chastity, sobriety, and self-control are deeply tied to this gemstone’s history. There’s no reason why modern-day citizens can’t draw inspiration from their ancestors and use the Amethyst stone to battle their mental health issues.

Buying an Amethyst Stone – What to Expect?

The Amethyst stone in its perfect state is colorless and transparent. It’s hard to find Amethyst stones that don’t contain heavy quantities of iron pollutants (Fe4+). These pollutants give this gemstone a pink or violet color. Shoppers must look for the most transparent Amethyst stones as transparency indicates purity. These naturally occurring gemstones look perfect when placed inside bands made of white gold, platinum, or Sterling silver. A high-quality Sterling silver amethyst ring can be the perfect engagement gift. What better way to start a lifelong commitment than using a gemstone that’s associated with feelings like calmness, bravery, and passion? Plus, these stones are extremely durable. As long as jewelry owners clean their amethyst stones regularly, they can expect them to last for lifetimes.

The Mental Benefits

The various healing properties of Amethyst can help people suffering from mental health challenges. This gemstone symbolizes one’s willingness to link with the divine and advance their mental state. Alternative medicine experts recommend placing Amethyst crystals around the body. So, Amethyst anklets, bracelets, and rings are extremely popular. Jewelry lovers must add Amethyst stones to their collections. They can try out an ancient healing technique while simultaneously boosting their jewelry collections. It’s a win-win scenario!

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