Bad Credit Home Improvement Loans

Home improvements are costly. To pay for necessary repairs, some homeowners tap into their personal savings. Unfortunately, everyone does not have the opportunity to save large sums of money. In this case, a home equity loan or refinance is the perfect alternative.

What are Home Equity Loans?

Many people have likely heard the term home equity loan or second mortgage. Home equity loans are available to homeowners who have established equity in their home. These loans allow homeowners to borrow a lump sum of money against their home’s equity. Through a second mortgage or additional monthly payment, the loan is repaid to the lender. With a home equity loan, homeowners can receive money in as little as 5 days.

What is a Refinance?

Homeowners needing to make necessary home improvement may also consider refinancing their home to pay for repairs. When a home is refinanced, a new mortgage is created. This is beneficial when the original mortgage carries a high or adjustable interest rate. Thus, two birds are killed with one stone. Homeowners obtain a better interest rate and receive a lump sum of money to pay for home improvements.

Less than Perfect Credit

In order for homeowners to obtain the money needed for home improvements, they must have satisfactory credit. In some cases, it is difficult for individuals with bad credit to refinance or receive a home equity loan. Lenders base credit worthiness on previous credit history and rating. However, there are options for individuals with problem credit. Several lenders are willing to grant home improvement loans to homeowners with bad credit. Nonetheless, homeowners must have sufficient equity in their home. The downside is that bad credit home improvement loans carry a high interest rate. On the other hand, once a homeowner’s credit rating improves, they can refinance the loan for a better rate.

Selecting a bad credit home improvement loan with a suitable interest rate involves a lot of research. Homeowners should request a quote from at least three lenders. Furthermore, contacting current mortgage lender may prove beneficial. Because a relationship has been established, these lenders may be willing to negotiate a good interest rate.

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