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Who can say no to getting a tan? Golden, sun-kissed skin, with a glow that makes one look healthy and active. Of course, this look is not easily possible without hours of baking under the sun at the risk of sunburn and skin cancer, or even during winter when temperatures will not allow for staying outdoors for more than a few minutes in your swimsuit. Tanning salons are the go-to for that golden, sun-kissed look any time of the year. What should you look for in a tanning salon?

  1. Professionalism. As with any other business, professionalism is always something to expect in a tanning salon. Attendants who are sloppily dressed or sport an uneven tan will not give brownie points to any tanning salon. Neither will attendants who look like they do not know what to do – this is quite dangerous and does not bode well for a good tanning experience. A professional tanning salon attendant will be able to answer all your questions and can provide recommendations on which of their products will be most suited to your needs.
  2. Cleanliness. A dirty and unkempt salon can be more than unpleasant to the eye as it is also a health risk. Tanning salons that are not well-maintained may leave clients open to infections or diseases especially since they work so closely with the skin – the largest organ in the human body.
  3. Proper equipment. More than the cleanliness of the area, each spray tan equipment should look well-maintained and clean. Machines that look like they are about to fall apart may not function properly and cannot guarantee the perfect glow you wish to achieve. A tanning salon that does not provide ample protection for sensitive areas like the eyes or the nose may put customers at a greater risk for damage.
  4. Quality products. Cheap tanning solutions can mean cheap results. Some solutions may also be damaging to the skin, in the long run, so the tanning salon must be able to offer safe products that can also provide skincare and protection. This may require more scrutiny and the tanning salon should be able to provide the ingredients of the products they offer. A little bit of research beforehand can be helpful to see which ingredients may be dangerous and which ones are safe for use.

If you are searching for a tanning salon in Jersey, Endless Sun Tanning has been around since 1987 and has been providing professional service all these years. Also offering overall tanning, Endless Sun Tanning can be your go-to for your competition needs, whether for a pageant, for a fitness and physique contest, or even for that bikini open contest.

With Endless Sun Tanning, you are guaranteed professionalism, with their tanning experts are sure to answer all your queries and can provide recommendations based on skin assessment. The products are all high-quality, from the tanning beds to the spray tan booths and they also offer organic formula as an option – more choices for your skin type and preferences.

For the best services a tanning salon in Jersey and New York, book an appointment with Endless Sun Tanning and see the benefits of choosing nothing but the best.

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