Top 10 Bridal Hairstyles Perfect For This Summer Season

Bridal hairstyles are a major concern of being a bride. No matter how gorgeous is your bridal attire and jewelry, without a chic bridal hairdo, your makeover is never done. Wedding ceremony calls for heavy makeup for the bride, so are the hair-styles. However, things are a little different in summer. An elaborate hairdo can be a pain because you have to stay happy and carefree with your bridal makeup for a long time, even in humid weather.


Are you wondering about the best fashionable hairstyles for this summer wedding? Worry not, there are hundreds of hairdo’s that you can try. Of course, like other makeover rules, there is no fixed formula for bridal hairdo in summer. But for natural reason, simple, neat, little tight, soft and womanly styles are the most wanted ones in these hot and stuffy summer days.


Try Boho braids


It is a quickie chic summer hairstyle and does not stress your beautiful hair. Your hairdressers can do it for you, and even you can do it by yourself. If you have long hair, you can fold the braid in the upstyle to add a simple and neat look to your bridal hair makeover, and it will create a relaxed but elegant look in your bridal appearance. Add flower or hair accessory to enhance your lady’s charm.

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Go for top knots and buns


Regardless you have long hair, or you maintain medium length gait, knots, and buns are the ideal hairstyles in summer, which are never outdated. You may keep the knot a little tight or loose, depending on your choice and face contour. If you wish, you can decorate your hair styling with a single flower or stylish hairpin. Pearl-stud hairpins look fantastic with the bridal dress.


Loose upstyle for a vivid natural look


Summer days are hot and stuffy, and staying in heavy bridal costume is a pain indeed! You have rightly chosen the bare-back style bridal dress. Why don’t you select now a bridal hairstyle that will keep your hair tied up and will help you to keep your rear open? Messy French Twist and shapeless hairdo can be the right option for your hair makeover. Regardless if you have long thick hair or curly medium-height curls, this hairstyle will match every type.


Try Chingon Buns


Do you love celebrity hairstyles but want to enjoy a carefree look? In the summer wedding, then you may go for Chignon Buns hairstyle. It involves simple twisting of your hair, and you need to turn it into a lovely bun from the rear (nape) of the neck. Now you can fold the hair in different styles, loose or tight. The beauty of this hairstyle is its versatility. You can try the style with long hair, short hair, as well as with medium hair. Don’t forget to pin the hair with hairpins.


Side bun with a Dutch braid


Elegant yet jazzy, the hairstyle perfectly suits a summer wedding makeover.

It will match with your long and medium height hair no matter if it is of straight or semi-curly texture. A Dutch braid will take care of your hair, and at the same time, the bun will keep your hair safe from summer frizz. Now it’s up to if you want to add hair accessories here or not.


Try a Ballerina Bun


Simple yet sophisticated, glamorous yet classy…that’s the beauty of a Ballerina Bun hairstyle. Perfect for a summer wedding and safe for your beautiful hair because you hardly need any hair styler for this hair updo. You may call it a weatherproof bridal hairstyle. These days, a little less refined look of the Ballerina Bun hairstyle is in fashion: you may warp your hair like a string around the base and let them stay in their style. It will add a girlish charm in your hairdo for sure!

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Silky, shiny ponytail


This is one of the best summer bridal hairstyles for you if you have long, semi-long shiny, and straight hair. Simple, perfect, gaudy, and easy wearing, your guests will get dazzled at your bridal shine. Your hairstyle will look sleek and neatly safe, even for long hours. Want an extra length? Go for hair extension. A medium hold hair spray will add the neatness professionally! Leave it on your hairdresser.


Try Double Bun


Pulled back styles are an all-time favorite for hairdressers for summer styling. You can also go for this classic bridal hairstyle, especially if you have thick and slightly curly hair texture. It’s simple to do. Braid your bin one on the other, or you can try the common twist trick. You may try to add some volume in the front and create an added stylish look with a brooch in your bun. You are ready for the special event!


Gibson Roll: soft and textured


Some fashion freaks consider that a bit vintage look often looks stunning on a bridal hairstyle. Are you from the same type? Then at your summer wedding, you can go for a Gibson Roll hairstyle. It’s a versatile hairstyle, and it will add a voluminous look to your hairstyle. Use a mild hair spray or leave it natural. Add some cute embellishments floral or designer to enhance the beauty of the hair updo.

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Messy Braided crown


Messy Braided crown is a beautiful bridal hairstyle that will add a layered, dreamy look on your bridal makeup. It is perfect for silky and medium long hair where the hair is lightly pulled off the neck and then loosely turned into a braid around your head. You can make a fusing of Dutch braid and French braid or go for a three-strand braid at your wish.


That’s all about the Top 10 Bridal Hairstyles perfect for this summer season. Of course, they are many more options, but the style that will go for almost everybody is the most popular one in this category. Besides look and hair safety, you should also take care of your hair while picking the hairstyle you like.


Also, don’t forget about your hair health. If you have don hair color treatment recently, an excessive twist of your hair strands may cause damage to their smoothness. Go for smooth and easy hair updos, which will suit your persona. If you are not a style pro, don’t forget to hire an expert wedding hairdresser.



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