Side effects of CBD products


As you plan to utilize CBD cream Canada for fast relief of pain, you must know the side effects brought about CBD products. Even with the popularity of the products among consumers worldwide, there still exists a lot of misinformation related to CBD and whether it has any side effects when used. 

Different forms of CBD might lead to other side effects, which differ depending on how you consume the CBD.

When taken by mouth

CBD products tend to be generally safe when consumed, and most of the people tend to ingest the CBD oil without having to experience any unpleasant side effects. The same low risk tends to apply when taken by mouth or when you happen to spray it under the tongue. When talking about oral consumption’s side effects, they could include dry mouth, lightheadedness, and drowsiness. Drugs like the epidiolex associate with side effects like nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and diarrhea.

Dry mouth

When CBD products are used, they can cause a cotton mouth. The effects of such as mouth could result from the CBD reacting with the CB receptors found in the mouth, which are known as submandibular glands. With that, the interaction reduces the production of saliva. Taking a lot of water after consuming the CBD oil might avoid experiencing this particular side effect. 


CBD can make your sleep cycle to be affected. If you take a high dosage of CBD oil, it can induce drowsiness. It has also been proven clinically to be an agent for wake-inducing.

Low blood pressure

If taken in high doses, the CBD is known to affect the blood pressure. It has been observed to cause low blood pressure within few minutes after it enters the body. It can lead to light-headedness that is temporal when you stand very fast. Apart from that, it can potentially offer novel hypertension treatment, which is currently a growing concern in the western world.

Inhibition of the metabolism of hepatic drug

It is possible for the CBD to inhibit the hepatic drug’s metabolism, which is in charge of breaking most of the pharmaceutical drugs. It means that, when you consume CBD products, they tend to neutralize the enzyme cytochrome – P-450.


Another potential side effect of CBD is diarrhea. But this particular reaction is mostly cost by the ingredients in the CBD products.  Some research reveals two main reasons for the diarrhea happening: the CBD carrier oils and the dosage. 

It is also possible for other compounds found in the CBD products to contribute to the gastrointestinal distress. MCT oil and coconut oil are frequently utilized as carrier oils in the commercial CBD products. They are the major causes of diarrhea and loose stool in individuals who are not yet used to taking them.

In case a consumer experiences such side effects, it is advised that they stop taking the CBD for at least twenty-four hours. With such a time frame, it will be observed if the CBD is the one that caused it or other items did cause. It is also recommended to lower the dosage or find out the CBD article, which does not contain the carrier oil you are reacting to.


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