There is a time for everything, but there are things that we, fortunately, can control. Men’s appearance changes with age, gray hair appears, giving the man solidity. It is believed that this is a sign of maturity, chastity, experience and aging. No wonder they say that age in the passport is not the main thing, because the internal state and mood are more important. However, even middle-aged men have unwanted gray hair and today this is not a problem! You can restore your old shine to your hair with the help of a modern service – gray hair camouflage.

For camouflage of gray hair, ammonia-free colors, specially designed for men, are used.

By their principle of action, camouflage dyes resemble tinted demi-permanent ones (and in simple words – tonics), but with a more prominent color embossment. Such dyes are gradually and evenly washed off, therefore, overgrown roots after camouflage are unnoticeable in Midtown Barbershop.

Gray hair camouflage takes no more than 10 minutes. The process visually resembles a head washing. The dye is applied to the hair like a shampoo or balm, then distributed over the entire surface with massage movements and then washed off. This procedure can be carried out immediately after haircutting.

To achieve the most natural effect, the master selects the most suitable one from the color palette. The breadth of the palette depends on the manufacturer whose dyes the salon uses.

The color keeps staying about 5 weeks, after which the dye is washed off fully, again showing the gray hair. Therefore, it is recommended to repeat the procedure for camouflage gray hair at least once a month. To do this, it is not necessary to visit the salon. Today, tonics or dye mousse can be purchased on the Internet or in specialized stores. That is why you can camouflage gray hair on your own at home.

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