Creating Children’s Travel Journals

Keeping a journal is something that can be a fun and rewarding experience for a child and it will help them with their mental development. Having a travel journal can be make it even more rewarding for a child and help to keep them involved in their writing and help to develop their written expression skills. This is a great activity for the summer time vacation holidays and will help keep your child’s mind active during the summer days off. You can either create your own or use printable travel journals available on the internet.

Be Involved

You want the children’s travel journal to be theirs and help them express themselves. You can do this by many ways, but you want to keep it simple for them so that they enjoy it and treasure it. One way to help them and be involved yourself is to keep a travel journal of your own to be able to help them when they want you to or may need it. Kids love to be involved and help with things, you can use this to get them involved with what they doing in their journal. Ask them if they may want to make suggestions to their journal and what they should put in it. You will find that children have great ideas that you may have never thought of and you can use this to have them explore their imagination. Or even better give them a printable travel journal with some information already presented so they can learn and explore the country you are visiting!

Make it Personal

You want to help them at every place you can, but individualism is important for developing minds. There are many things you can do to help a child personalize their travel journal. They can design it with their favorite colors or cartoon characters and pictures. There are many ways to make the journal personal with drawings or stationary, you may even download different types if stationery or stickers from the places that you have visited. If you visited Dubai you could find desert themed stationery or stickers. Another thing you could do, is use different stationery for every part of the journey. Another great idea is cutting up old magazines to find the letters or pictures you need to create a great travel book!

Make It Interactive

You can make the journal interactive in a way by adding things to it like a map that will mark the way as you travel across the world or a place near you. All you need to do is print a map of your destinations and use it in the journal with a pin and a string making a route of everywhere you have been. You can also add photos to the album so that it is a more memorable experience. Again printable children’s travel journals will offer a great number of interactive activities.

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