Comparing mobile phone repair companies

There are several Samsung Repair shops where you can take your phone to be repaired. With a variety of mobile phone companies that can do repairs out there, you are spoilt for choice on which one to pick when the screen of your phone cracks. You are not alone, there are thousands of people whose phones’ screens crack every day, and they have to take them for repairs.

Phone repair companies come in various sizes and shapes. There are some which have a high street presence, offering walk-in service while others offer repairs for mail-ins. For mail-ins, you will have to post your phone off, waiting for it to be returned once the repair is done.

There are also a lot of individual phone repairers who often advertise themselves on websites and social media, who will do your Samsung Repair if you take it to them, or they can come over to your apartment to do the repairs.  All the various type of repair services have their pros and cons, which you will need to consider before making a choice.

High street phone repair shops


  • Their location is convenient
  • Might be a trusted, national brand
  • You can speak face to face
  • It is possible to get same day repair services


  • They are high on costs as they have to cover for the cost of staff, rent, utilities, and rates
  • Parking around such shops is expensive and might be hard during busy working days
  • You waste time going to the shop
  • You waste time waiting for the phone to be repaired or have to go away and come back when the phone is ready
  • If they are small, they don’t have accreditation, and they tend to use unbranded parts
  • When you leave your tablet or phone with such a shop, it means you are handing your data over to someone you don’t know well.

Mail-ins phone repair companies


  • Always cheap
  • Offer 24/48 hour turnaround thus fast
  • They support more brands


  • The turnaround is very unreliable, and at times, the customer has to wait for weeks for their phones to be repaired because of postal problems, stock issues, condition arguments.
  • Many online reviews about mail-ins talk of the companies using tactics of pressure to get parts for repairs for customers that might not be broken.
  • Your tablet or phone might be away from you for several days or even weeks, making your data vulnerable and in the hands of other people whom you don’t know.
  • Postal problems

Small individual phone repairers


  • Due to low overheads, they might be cheap
  • Their turnaround might be fast as long as they have the parts you want to be replaced.


  • They are not insured in most instances, and thus, if things don’t work out well, you could have problems
  • Most of them are not professionals who are trained for specialization for a particular phone and thus, learning on the job
  • Getting the parts you want to replace is what determines their turnaround
  • You will have to leave your data with a stranger

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