Characteristics of slot machine games that categorize them

Online slot machine games

You would know about the physical casinos that were popular like nothing before the past decade. If a person is interested in casino games, he will rush out to a nearby gambling house with all his money. Slowly, when the internet became popular, gambling houses and other companies started to open websites that allow players from around the world to play their favorite casino games online at ease without even stepping out of their homes. All they need to have is a mobile or a personal computer. To attract more new players, these websites included popular games like online slots in their offerings. You can play a slot online Indonesia on almost all gambling websites in the country. Since the game does not require any special skillsets to play and win, more newbie players started their gambling journey with these slot machine games. Like the physical casinos, online slots also have different variations of the game. The most common categorization of slot games will be as follows,

  • Reel slots
  • Video slots
  • Progressive slots 

Since it will not be enough to cover all the variations of the slot machine games if we explain these three alone, we will discuss the factors that decide the variety of the games in this article. 

Characteristics that define the type of the slot machine game

The number of reels – Slot machines work with the help of several columns with symbols printed on them, known as reels. The number of reels in the game will decide the type of it. The classic or regular slot machine game consists of three reels, while the modern slots are having five reels and several pay lines. 

Number of Rows in the display – The slot games decide the winner by showing them a final combination of symbols in a row. Since each reel will have up to ten different symbols, there is a possibility of ten rows at the end of each spin. Apart from the row of the pay line (winning/losing row), some slots will show the top and below row also. By doing so, the player will get tempted because of the minute chance he has missed. The number of these rows at the display will also provide a variation in the game. 

The number of Pay lines – A pay line is a horizontal line that will cross the reels connecting one symbol from each reel at the end of the spin. The winner will be the person who judges the symbols that will be connected by the pay line. Reel slots will have one pay line while video slots and progressive slots will have hundreds of pay lines. So, the number of pay lines will also decide on the type of game. 

Coin denomination – Slot machines work if you put your bets as coins in them. These coins can have a value from cents to dollars. The denomination accepted will also decide the type of the game. 

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