Celtic Health Plans – Affordable Personal Coverage

Celtic Group, Inc., the business entity behind Celtic health plans, was first established in 1978. In the beginning the company served as a broker and reinsurance company focusing on group life and medical insurance coverage. A few years later, Celtic was able to go national after acquiring another insurance company that was licensed in 49 out of the 50 states. As the company progressed, they moved from group life and medical insurance to personal or individual health insurance plans. Today, the company prides itself on providing low cost health insurance specifically designed for private individuals, with a focus on self-employed professionals.

Today’s Celtic medical plans include a basic health coverage plan, a comprehensive health plan, health savings accounts, short term medical, as well as student health insurance plans. Economy plans are preferred provider organizations (PPO) with options for 70/30 or 80/20 coinsurance. Preventative care, prescriptions, and routine office visits are covered under the plan with a variety of deductible options. Comprehensive plans are customizable based on the needs of individual self-employed professionals. Coinsurance options provide 80/20 or 100% coverage. Preventative care and prescriptions are covered, with options for accident coverage, term life insurance, and incentive programs.

Celtic medical plans are known for being specialty medical insurance options. As such, flexible options such as health savings accounts (HSAs,) student health insurance, and short-term insurance options are naturally available. Student medical plans are designed for students in college, although there are other plans such as Celtic’s PostGrad health plan. This temporary plan is intended to fill the gap between expiring coverage under a parent’s policy and the end of a graduate’s employer insurance waiting period. Similarly, Celtic’s Gold or Silver Short-term Health Plans also offer temporary coverage for those between jobs or awaiting the end of their employer’s waiting period.

For self-employed individuals and other people seeking personal or individual medical insurance, Celtic medical plans are designed to be affordable to fit within a family or individual’s budget. Plans can be purchased to cover major medical expenses and routine doctor visits, or customized to include additional benefits for those who can afford it. However, the underlying goal is to provide affordable medical insurance coverage to those who otherwise would remain uninsured due to the high cost of private medical insurance. Self-employed professionals such as consultants and those in private practice are often uninsured because they do not qualify for group insurance, nor can they afford expensive private coverage. Celtic health plans seek to fill their need. If you need assistance in locating particular coverages at a pre-determined price, we can help you obtain a health insurance quote, and save up to 50% on your monthly premium.a

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