A brief introduction to studio lighting equipment

If you are willing to do photography, then photography studio equipment is essential because, without it, you are not able to do perfect photography. This equipment is divided into many categories, such as lighting equipment, camera equipment and many more.

It doesn’t matter that you have a professional studio or want to expand your current work, in both condition lighting equipment are very important because without lighting equipment it is not possible to give a proper portraits effects.

The use of this lighting effect is very complicated, so below mentioned is a guide that may help you to understand the subcategories of lighting effect. Lighting equipment is consists of three different things; lights, modifier and grip or stand to support the light.

Light sources

If you are willing to buy studio light, then they will provide you with two option; either you can buy a kit consist of a power pack and flash head, or you can buy a monolight kit. There are types of power packs; one is an asymmetric power pack which helps to split the power equally in multiple flash heads, and the second is an asymmetric power pack which allows in split of the power supply in different flash heads.

If we talk about a monolight kit, a pack substitutes for a power pack combination. If you have all you control on power packs, then it will be straightforward to convert the setting of multiple flash head into one place. It is an automatic system in monolight related to the control of the flash head.

If you are going to shoot outdoor, then you will need heavy power for decreasing the effect of sunlight. In this condition, the head pack system provides a vast benefit related to power. If you are shooting indoor, then a monolight kit will be sufficient for you.

Light modifiers

It is the most helpful equipment for photography, and there are mainly two types of light modifiers; umbrellas and softboxes. The prominent work of these light modifiers is to larger the size of reflection by producing a diffused and soft lights. These modifiers are fixed in such a way that they are facing away from the object or model.

The light is fixed in the curve of the umbrella. You can choose between a silver-lined, white and golden umbrella. Out of which golden umbrella spread a warm tone, and white umbrella spread the reflected light. Softboxes are square or rectangular in shape, and they are truly lightweight boxes. It has a transculent front and reflective inside.

Grips and stand

This equipment is used to give support to the above-mentioned equipment. It has the potential to handle light modifier, strobes and other photography studio equipment. It is also categorised into two parts; lightweight stand and C-stands.

Both the stands have the same lengths, size or price, and the size of both can be adjusted. It is recommended that you should buy a lightweight stand because it has the potential to protect your expensive lights. If you accidentally lose the knob of the stand, then the air shock will make the movement of falling soft which leads to its protection.

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